On time every time

If we say we are going to be there at 8 we are there at 8 and on the rare occasions when this cannot happen you will know before 7.55.

No surprises

It’s your home and your money if the unexpected happens we won’t spend any of it without fully consulting with you first.

Leave as we find

A home should be a clean, well ordered, environment when we leave not just when we arrive.

Friday means Friday

As well as knowing when we are going to arrive you need to manage your life so you need to know when we are going to leave, to us a deadline is a deadline and if we are going to overrun you will have sufficient time to organise your life!

You don’t live on a building site

Your home is NOT a building site it’s a home and we will behave accordingly.

A job well done…

Is a job worth doing, so we put all our work through stringent checks before we leave to ensure the job is really done and everything really works

We hate waiting

In the unlikely event you do find a defect after we leave, we will be back fast

We want you to be happy

You would not be happy with a sub-standard job so we won’t do one

We look forward to exceeding your expectations
Best regards
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