Innovation in design has put resin bound driveways at the top of many homeowners’ ‘must have’ lists. Weather resistant, visually appealing and permeable, this driveway style has become a surface of choice. Practical and long-lasting, it is a perfect option if you want to invest in a new driveway or replace an existing one. It’s environmentally friendly too.

Delivering a sustainable drainage system combined with good looks, resin bound driveways make a sound investment. If you are considering this style of driveway for your home, this mini guide will tell you everything you need to know.

Resin Bound Driveways Cost

The cost of resin bound driveways can vary considerably between projects. This is because every driveway is unique. The overall price will reflect the measurements of your drive, its design, your choice of aggregate, the size of the aggregate and the depth of resin required. Other considerations include the surface the resin will cover and labour costs. You can dd to that the cost of haulage and edging.

The larger your drive, the more it will cost to install a resin bound driveway. Factor in the other considerations and you will understand why only a professional can give you an exact price. It is worth noting that the increasing popularity of resin bound driveways has seen crooks try to cash in. Ensure you deal with a reputable driveway installer.

Resin Bound Driveways DIY

Only a competent tradesman should attempt to install resin bound driveways. A professional finish is key to the aesthetics. Those without the necessary skills or specialist tools will find this hard to achieve. This style of driveway is installed using a gravel and resin mix. A scattercoat or broadcast method is used for bonded aggregate surfacing, which is not the same as a resin bound surface and does not offer the same benefits. To install a resin bound driveway, you will need expertise in trowelling, spreading and levelling. Add to that the complexities of edging and it you will understand the need to call in a professional.

Mixed resin requires a trade mixer, especially designed for the job. Edging alone can prove a problem for someone who is an inexperienced DIYer. If your drive doesn’t have a stable edge, do you have the skills to create one? If you are not sure you are up to the job, talk to a resin bound driveway specialist before you undertake any work.

Resin Bound Aggregates and Bonded Aggregate Surfacing

Whether you choose a driveway installed in the ‘trowel down’ mixed resin style or the broadcast method, you will need to consider aggregate options. Bonded aggregate surfacing is textured and looks like gravel but is non-porous. It requires the scattercoat method of installation. If you want to consider drainage and be SuDs compliant, always opt for a resin bound driveway.

With a huge range of natural and recycled aggregate colours and textures to choose from, you can create a resin bound driveway that really reflects the character of your home. Why not consider a resin bound gravel finish? Aggregate colour options include gold, silver, quartz, granite and peal finishes. Aggregate sizes range from under a millimetre to 10mm. Most homeowners opt for a mid-size aggregate.

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