If bland isn’t part of your personal brand, you will be pleased to know this… You can make your driveway stand out with innovative design features. The days of the plain Tarmac or concrete driveway with no opportunity to give it character are in the past. Today you can make your driveway a real feature of your home and increase the value of your property to boot.

In this mini guide to giving your driveway character, we will outline the ways your home can boast a bespoke look. Making your driveway stand out doesn’t have to be complicated. It is all about materials, the shape of your driveway, patterns and the professionalism of the installer. Have a look through the style choices outlined below. Consider how you can lift the look of your property and make it the most visually appealing on your street.

Herringbone block paving

This interlocking paving system is versatile. It can be used to create stunning patterns or a classic, elegant look. We recommend Herringbone block paving for driveways that get regular use. The interlocking system keeps the paving in position as tyres roll over it or when a vehicle’s brakes are applied.

This type of block paving can be used to make you driveway stand out with number of designs. You may want to consider the 45° and 90° options, which are popular because of the design choices they provide.

Block paving patterns

This is where driveway design gets interesting. Block paving can bring out the creativity in homeowners. Popular patterns utilise a selection of styles. Options include: random course, stretcher bond, herringbone (as outlined above), circles and octants. Generally, the smaller the block paving, the more intricate your driveway design can go. Random course block paving uses blocks in different sizes to emphasise patterns.

For simple design using block paving, consider stretcher bond a good option. For a really stunning look, incorporate shapes into your driveway design. Talk to a professional about the options for your space – then put your creative thinking cap on.

Block paving circles

Be the envy of your neighbours with a driveway that incorporates block paving circles. This fabulous approach to exterior design is eye-catching and long-lasting. Suitable for courtyards and gardens, as well as driveways, block paving circles really make a statement.

For a feature that will make your driveway stand out, this design achieves perfect circles you will never tire of. A professional installer will achieve a circle without using odd-shaped pavers. They will also offer you a choice of colours. Consider circle diameters when you plan your new driveway.

Setts and cobbles

For real character, consider a driveway made with setts and cobbles. Offering a rustic look, this style looks good anywhere. Use it to add a pathway or to cover a courtyard. If you want to make your driveway stand out with a style that oozes charm, this is a really good bet. We recommend setts and cobbles to those who want to totally transform the look of their driveway.

What makes these materials really interesting is that they are available in a good range of stunning finishes. That is what makes them popular for pathway edgings. Consider rich natural stone colours to add texture to your design.

Permeable paving

If you want to incorporate practicality with design, you will love permeable paving. It deals with water run off and maintains drainage. In turn, this reduces the likelihood of your driveway flooding. If you don’t want to step out of your car into a puddle. Permeable paving will make your driveway stand out for all the right reasons.

Consider permeable paving if surface water is a problem in your area.

We hope you are inspired to improve your home. How are you going to make your driveway stand out?