If you have invested in a driveway or inherited one when you bought your home, you need to look after it. Without regular maintenance even the best-laid driveways can deteriorate. Rainwater, frost and ice can cause driveway materials to look dull and degrade. This can lead to ugly cracks, weeds and moss. Maintenance of your driveway should, therefore, be a priority.

Because a driveway is a focal point of your home’s exterior it pays to keep it looking great. In this short guide to the maintenance of your driveway, we will outline popular and effective ways to take care of the most common issues. A good clean will make your driveway look as good as new. It is worth noting that maintenance of your driveway is also an important health and safety consideration. Moss, for example, can be slippery when wet, posing a risk of slips and falls.

Driveway Power Washing

Blast away years of grime and stubborn stains with a good power wash. This highly effective cleaning system uses steaming hot water to breathe new life into driveways. It isn’t called power washing for nothing. This high-pressure cleaning system will even remove stuck on debris. Moss and mildew are just a few examples of what this system can blow away.

We recommend power washing for driveways if the surface is heavily stained or you find hard-to-remove debris like chewing gum. It is great on grease, so you can say goodbye to oil patches too. Having your driveway power washed once a year is a good idea. It will remove dirt and grime accumulated over the winter and stop your drive from letting the visual appeal of your home down. Include powering washing in the maintenance of your driveway.

Driveway Pressure Washing

A professional pressure wash makes maintaining your drive a doddle. Not only will it remove years of dirt, it will restore the aesthetic appeal of your drive. If you want a ‘good as new’ look, this is a great option. Domestic pressure washers cannot deliver the same results as a professional clean. Call in the experts for this maintenance ‘must’.

Pressure washing can use a combination of water and chemicals or just water. It will blast away weeds, moss, algae and stains. Consider this maintenance option for each season change. It will keep your home looking tidy in summer and reduce the risk of slips and falls during the winter. Don’t forget, maintenance of your driveway should also include a sealer.

Concrete Driveway Sealer

Sealing a concrete driveway will extend its life. While extremely durable, water can damage concrete and ruin the overall appearance of your home. Freezing water expands in concrete and can cause it to split and crumble. If you want to keep the exterior of your property looking its best, look after your concrete drive. A sealer is a low-cost way to stop water from penetrating the surface of your driveway.

Maintenance of your driveway should always include a sealer. We recommend a sealant is applied after the drive has been cured and cleaned. Concrete usually cures in less than a month, so start your driveway maintenance as soon as you can.

Asphalt Driveway Sealer

Driveway experts recommend asphalt drives are ‘sealed’ every three to five years. The frequency of treatments will depend on the condition of your drive, the application method and the number of coats applied. New asphalt driveways should only be sealed once the surface has been fully cured. This can take six months or even longer.

A good quality asphalt sealer will give your driveway a fresh, black look. Your home will boast a driveway that looks newly laid. Maintenance of your driveway should veer on the side of caution with this driveway material. Not enough maintenance could lead to cracks but too many sealant treatments will not offer more protection.

Edging Materials

Don’t overlook edging materials in the maintenance of your driveway. In many cases, edging is the weakest part of the driveway – especially in the case of asphalt drives. They can lack support and without regular care can crumble or even crack. Talk to your driveway expert about the best ways to look after your driveway edging. Ensure it is regularly cleaned and that lawns or plants close by are kept trimmed back.

If you look after your drive, it will be an asset to your home for years. Neglect it and you could end up paying dearly. We hope this guide to maintenance of your driveway helps you enjoy your drive today and for years to come.