Your driveway can add value to your property or reduce its value and having the right driveway constructed is important.

At Jon Clements Construction, we understand that driveways are not as simple as just laying a hard surface and walking away. A Driveway needs to be durable, aesthetically pleasing and must meet building regulations, local by-laws may also need to be considered. As master builders and construction engineers Jon Clements Construction understands how to make long lasting driveways that not only serve their purpose but look good.

Driveways come in all shapes and sizes and Jon Clements Construction works closely with every customer to ensure every need is met.

With our Driveway Services, we ensure every detail is taken care of from planning to the final finish. Correct preparation of the driveway is vital and while this is being done the materials used in the construction of the driveway can be considered. At Jon Clements Construction, we have master builders and tradesmen that can create your perfect driveway from a choice of materials that can include tarmac, poured concrete or brick pavers. Choosing the right materials makes a tremendous difference and Jon Clements Construction can advise on the pros and cons of each for your driveway.

Other extras are always made available with every driveway Jon Clements Construction undertakes to deliver. These extras can include Kerbs, Steps, lighting or drainage. At the end of the day, Jon Clements Construction aims to deliver the highest quality, best looking and most practical driveway to meet your needs.

All work undertaken meets building regulations and work will be completed in a manner that minimally impacts you the customer, contact us on 01273 959343 or email us.

Jon Clements Construction Limited, trading as Jon Clements Driveways is registered in England and Wales number 10279073, registered office address 2 Upperton Gardens, Eastbourne, East Sussex, England, BN21 2AH, VAT number 246 9320 93.

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