The convenience of off-road parking coupled with stunning good looks makes block paving driveways a top choice for homeowners. Adding real value to an often neglected part of a property, block paving can create character and really lift the external appearance of your home. Consider this style of driveway if you want a long-lasting home improvement that incorporates innovative design.

With a huge range of block materials, colours and sizes, block paving driveways are a versatile design choice. You can customise your driveway to fully complement your home and create a truly bespoke look. Use decorative borders to add to the effect and take your outside space to a new level.

Because block paving is increasingly popular, we have put together this brief guide. It offers information about everything from block paving prices to patterns. It even includes a ‘how to’ section.

Block paving prices

A professional block paving driveway installer will know where to source the best quality materials at the best price. If you want to buy materials yourself, block paving prices can vary from supplier to supplier and will be influenced by your choice of block material. If you hire a specialist to do the job, expect to pay from around £75 upwards per square metre.

Shopping around is always a good idea. Get the best deal on block paving prices by sourcing quotes from at least three different driveway installers. Consider their history, testimonials and the overall value they offer, not the lowest price.

Block paving slabs

Block paving slabs stand the test of time and, when installed properly, can provide a functional outside space. Available in standard, premium and heavy duty, this material is perfect for driveways that get plenty of use. If you are looking for a practical driveway material, block paving slabs tick all the boxes.

Cost-effective, strong and durable, block paving slabs come in a range of colours which can be mixed and matched for effect.

Block paving suppliers

Don’t be tempted to buy block paving online, unless you are dealing with a local supplier. The advent of drop shipping has made it easy for anyone to set up an online shop while never holding any stock. The sleek website that draws you in but offers no physical address or telephone number is a sure sign of trouble.

Bedroom businesses purporting to ‘stock’ block paving are little more than middlemen. They’ll charge you an inflated price and then place your order with someone else. The quality can be decidedly ‘iffy’ and it may take weeks for your goods to arrive – if they arrive at all. Talk to a professional driveway installer and find the best supplier in your area.

How to block pave a drive

Most people engage the services of a professional driveway installer when investing in block paving. If you want to do the job yourself, be prepared to follow a set sequence of tasks. Start by carrying out a risk assessment. Identify any utility pipes and cables. Once you are sure it is safe to start work, remove the existing driveway surface and level the ground. If your project requires a drainage pipe or soakaway, dig those out now. Spread the sub base material and compact it well.

Next up, install concrete edging. Once this is in place, you can lay the driveway’s base. We recommend sharp sand. Level the area before you start laying blocks. Once you have completed your driveway design, don’t forget to brush in finishing sand. Now all you have got to do is tidy up! Sound like hard work? Get a professional to do it for you.

Block pave patterns

Patterns can make a driveway a real feature of a home. They can be unique and bold, create a themed feel and really improve the atmosphere around your home. Let your imagination run riot thinking about block pave patterns. Talk to an expert and ask for advice before you settle on a final design. Pattern styles include random course, stretcher bond, circles and octants. If you want a block pave driveway with a detailed pattern, be careful to invest in the right material choices. For truly stunning block pave patterns, consider random course block paving – it uses different size blocks to make designs really stand out.

For a simpler block paving look, we recommend the stretcher bond style. But, if you really want to make a statement and impress the neighbours, why not opt for circles? Stunning, timeless and achievable in any size space, you can continue the theme in your garden or courtyard.

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